We are delighted to announce our programme for 2023-2024. All events are free admittance and everyone is welcome.

c19c Research Seminar, Semester 2, 2023-24

Wednesdays 1-2pm, United College Room 31

Wednesday 24 January (week 2) 1-2pm:

PROF. SEÁN ALLAN (St Andrews): ‘Kleist and the reception of Adam Smith in early C19 Germany’

Wednesday 7 February (week 4) 1-2pm:

PROF. AILEEN FYFE to chair discussion on the “St Andrews and the Legacies of Empire, 1700-1900” Report

Wednesday 21 February (week 6) 1-2pm:

PROF. WILL FOWLER, ‘A Habsburg in the Tropics: Why did Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian agree to be the Emperor of Mexico?’

Wednesday 13 March (week 8) 1-2pm:

DR MICHAEL SHAW (Stirling), ‘Whitmania and Scotland’.’

Wednesday 27 March (week 10) 1-2pm:

DR DEBORAH TONER (Leicester), ‘American Soldiers Writing Alcohol in the Mexico-US War (1846-48)’

Wednesday 17 April (week 13) 1-2pm:

DR CAROLINE McCAFFREY-HOWARTH (Edinburgh), ‘Sèvres-Mania: Collectors, Connoisseurs and a ‘cause célèbre’ Court Case’