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Semester 1 Programme

Thursday 3 October, 5pm
School VI, Reception to Follow
Professor Rodolphe Baudin (Sorbonne)
” ‘Putting Things Right’: Alexandr Grioedov’s Woe From Wit (1823) disturbing social order and its hypertextual regulation”
Jointly hosted by CRSCEES

Wednesday 9 October, 1pm
Buchanan 402
Dr Kirsty Sinclair Dootson (St Andrews)
“The Texture of Capitalism: Making Color in Nineteenth Century Britain”

Antoine Vollon, “Mound of Butter”, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Tuesday 15 October, 5pm
Arts Lecture Theatre
Dr Albert Kümmel-Schnur (Konstanz)
“Textile Printing as Forerunner of the First Copying Telegraph”

Wednesday 13 November, 2pm
Buchanan 216
Dr Katie Eagleton
“The University’s (19th Century) Museum Collections: Meeting the new Director, Katie Eagleton”

Wednesday 4 December, 1pm
Buchanan 402
Dr Roberto Pimentel (Rio de Janeiro)
“Representations of History in Textbooks of Physics in Late Nineteenth Century Britain”

We are delighted to announce that c19c member Dr Linda Goddard‘s latest book Savage Tales: The Writings of Paul Gaugin is now available from Yale University Press. Read more here.

We are delighted to announce that c19c member Dr Sara Lodge‘s latest book Inventing Edward Lear is now available from Harvard University Press. You will find more information on Sara’s new website dedicated to Edward Lear’s Music.

We are delighted to announce that c19c member Professor Judith Wolfe is currently involved in the Oxford History of Modern German Theology, an ambitious three-volume critical history of German theology, due to be published around 2022. Read more here.