Aims of the Centre

c19c seeks to extend and redefine study of the nineteenth century in three main directions:

  1. Our delineation of circa 19th-Century Studies extends our research beyond established chronologies for the field. We recognise the ‘long’, multiple and nascent ‘nineteenth century’ in different national, geographical, sub-disciplinary, and cultural-linguistic frames as well as the many transnational movements that are also at work within and beyond them.
  1. Our focus on the cross-cultural dynamics of nineteenth-century studies promotes research that investigates the circulation, exchange and interconnections of ideas and cultural heritages. We recognise the importance of multi-cultural, interdisciplinary and multilingual research that is informed by expertise in given cultures, languages and disciplines.Our work overtly encourages comparative, multilingual and transdisciplinary approaches to the nineteenth-century and its many cultural productions. Researchers bringing insights from other periods are welcome to join our debates.
  1. Our research is inclusive of expertise inside and outside Academe in the spirit of the advancement of knowledge in nineteenth-century amateur ‘literary and scientific’ societies. We recognise the particular importance of working with archives, museums, galleries and collections, to promote research that is inter- and multi-medial. c19c therefore seeks through the above to foster next-generational research that brings new and renewed understanding of the nineteenth-century.

Postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers are particularly welcome in our group of current researchers in all disciplines.